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20 Mar 2023 14:16

Some movies try to push the boundaries of subject matter and immersive cinema. The outcomes can be equally unpredictable and genuinely entertaining. The two epics by Lu Yang, "The Writer's Odyssey," demonstrate how true this assertion is. The short novel "Assassination of a Novelist" by Shuang Yuetao served as the inspiration for "A Writer's Odyssey," which creates two fascinating realms in between fiction and reality. But that just makes up a small portion of what this massive, immersive fantasy thriller has to offer. In-game Cheap Elden Ring Runes can be purchased by players.

Similar fantasy and action-adventure role-playing games like Elden Ring and Sekiro share a similar concept to fascinating masterpieces. In this rollercoaster ride of intense fight sequences, pain and loss, there is the theme of immorality and the often destructive nature of chasing it, both to one's self and others.

What is the Writer's Odyssey about?

In another world, father Guan Ning (played by Lei Jiayin) embarks on a journey to find his missing daughter Orange (played by Wang Shengdi) who was trapped in another world. As he tormented him with painful memories of nostalgia during his endless journey to find her, other mysterious dreams truncated his thoughts on a city he had never been but seemed vaguely familiar with. In his search for his daughter, he attacks a group of child traffickers who he believes have her. Once he took down the trafficker, he was taken in for questioning by the police, who then had to stop at a gas station. There, the other party has a plan for him named Ling Tu (played by Yang Mi), the leader of a suspicious company, claiming that they have clues to the missing girls on the truck, which can be traced back to Ju Zi (played by Wang Shengdi).

Although Guan seems to have found the answers to all his questions, things are not as simple as they seem. In exchange for these "information", Guan must get rid of the fictional famous writer Lu Kongweng (played by Dong Zijian) in order to get his daughter back. Kongweng Lu, on the other hand, is not your average social media celebrity. His writing and his thinking have a metaphysical way of interfering with realities, and one of those realities is off. In this reality, the two began to infiltrate each other, and both Kwan and Kong received talents they wouldn't otherwise have. It's a battle to save Tangerine, and for some, it's a battle to save themselves. Will they succeed?

Why is this movie like Elden Ring and Sekiro?

The world of The Writer's Odyssey is alive and moving. It's no different than the world of Elden Ring, which is animated and dynamic. While the people in its world aren't always friendly and don't suffer as much as those vying for power, there is beauty in what Elden Ring calls The Lands Between. Like the author in The Writer's Odyssey who created such a world, Kon Ong details it because of his own suffering, struggling to control his life, and writing gives him the strength to do so.

Throughout The Writer's Odyssey, Kongweng has been ignoring the world around him the entire time, and is so absorbed in his writing that nothing else matters. For him, writing has become something that lives outside of himself, a way of being immortal. While speaking with Kwan, he told him the backstory of how he started writing. Although he used to be social and outgoing, a story called Seesaw the library changed his life. He had been writing for six years, living a lonely life with the support of his mother, as leaving school left him with few job prospects. Furious about this, Guan told him that he should stop writing. Kongweng shared with Guan: "No matter what others say about me, I always believe that I can do it. As long as I keep writing, my existence is meaningful."

What Kongweng doesn't realize is that by creating this story, he's inadvertently hurting other people in the process. As his story came to life, it affected him and those around him. Essentially, as the story continues to embody this fantasy world, they all begin to allow themselves to take real risks to save Tangerine, unaware of who is really running the show in Kongweng's fictional world. For Guan, it's a life-or-death quest to save his daughter, while for Kongweng it turns into a raw passage about the unresolved truth of his father's death, and the pain of saving himself from hiding. And the journey to rescue from depression when you lose a loved one and leave.

All of these internal battles are depicted in the stunning visuals and action-packed battle scenes in A Writer's Odyssey. Throughout Sekiro, many of the key boss fights have to do with finding the immoral. The connection here is that everyone is chasing something greater than themselves, using or giving up something to get something more. Bosses such as Madame Butterfly's ferocious fiery image resonate with the fire dragon battle in "The Writing Odyssey". Kong Weng discovers Guan's diary, which records his dreams.

He then used Guan's dream to teleport him to the capital of the city that Guan dreamed of. A "holiday" in honor of Lord Redmane turns into an epic battle between Fire Dragon and White Han. With more inventive battles of Guan Ning's impressive throwing skills throughout, another impressive fight takes place towards the end of the film as Kwonweng takes on a massive Sekiro hate demon and fire giant Elden Ring four-armed giant.

Overall, in "A Writer's Odyssey," the theme of Elden Ring's ambition is pushed throughout the film. Every character, no matter how they progress throughout the film, wants something from the other world, whether it's to save another person's life, truth, or revenge. In Elden Ring, Margott wants to give up the Tarnished's ambition to become Elden Lord, which, ironically, is the same ambition that the player has to beat the game.

where to watch a writer's odyssey

A Writer's Odyssey is currently only available on the iQiyi app, requiring an $8.99 monthly subscription. The film is available to rent for just $1.99 on Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, YouTube, and Redbox, $2.99 on the Microsoft Store, and $4.99 on Apple. Potential viewers can also purchase movies at higher prices from these suppliers. It's $7.99 on Redbox and $8.99 on Apple, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Youtube, and the Microsoft Store. For more game guides, please visit




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