*** We can ship these items straight away after payment *** THIS CAN BE CHANGES EVERYDAY and some Size Or some items might sold out.
Note : We are a designer brand .We have been working , building ,creating our own style and designs since 2007 .It's been 16 years of hard work.We will not change the Brand or Label on any of our Products.Please respect us!
Wholesale buy from stocklist Pros & Cons ?
Pros / Good

1.Good for new Beginners to start and see how business goes.
2. Low minimum.Which is start at 24 pcs. Mix size and Items.
Cons / Not good

1.You have to be quick to place the order This stockist can be change everyday because we have our own store and we have other wholesalers who attending to buy from this stocklist 
2.The items that you want might be sold out and run out of stock in some size. 
3. You have to buy 24 pcs. in 1 order and one go.To get wholesale price.

 1.Price on the website are retail prices.-Wholesale price is 20%Discount from Retail price
Example: Retail 500thb =Wholesale 400thb *You will see 20% discount at the payment page. 
2.You will get the wholesale price when
 -You have reached a minimum of 24 pcs.You can mix all the items and size
 You can see an Estimated for a  shipping cost at the payment page

How to buy a whoesale from a stockist ?

1.Click on the items you want-To see  size and Quantity per size that avalible.
 2.You can order on our website as online shopping by choose size and quantity you want and click on "ADD TO CART" And fill in your shipping details .Choose your shipping options and payment options .*You will see 20% discount at the payment page. And you will see shipping cost on payment page.

 3.We will only arrange your order and ship out when we have received a full payment including a shipping cost.
5.After we have shipped out .We will send you a tracking number .You can check by this link https://track.thailandpost.co.th/ 
 **You not allow to use our photos if you not buy from us .We have a copy rights.

 If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at;

WHATSAPP +66859007475
LINE : Pijitraheypilgrim
Instragram https://www.instagram.com/heypilgrimclothing/
To check out our Studio click this link! Hey pilgrim Studio
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