Wholesaler pre-order membership

1.Good for wholesalers who already have a Group for selling products .Example Line group -Whatsapp group -Facebook group.
2.You don't have to hold on and keep all the stock.You can PRE-SELL Our product to your in group clients first witout holding a stock.
3.Low risk.Low minimum which is start at 24 pcs. Mix size and Items.

1.You have to be quick to place the order This stockist can be change everyday because we have our own store and we have other wholesalers who attending to buy from this stocklist 
2.The items that you want might be sold out and run out of stock in some size.

Q:How is this Pre-Order Membership different from Buy from stocklist ? 
Ans: Pre-Order Membership is You are Pre Sell our products in your clients group first and send us a list later when you get the order.
         Buy from stocklist is for Shop owner or online Store.Who want to keep a stock in hand .

  How to register a Wholesaler Pre-order membership?
1.Please add me Line:Pijitraheypilgrim

Whatsapp : +66859007475

2.We require 5000 Thb deposit to register membership- be able to use our photos and place the order.And get to see our new arrivals and new designs for pre-order which we only send to only our memebership.

This deposit will be included in the order Example: If your final order Total : 12000 thb -Minus deposit 5000 thb =Your balance to pay is 7000thb *Not including a shipping cost.
*We not allow to use any photos of our designs if you didn't Register membership *We have a copyrights 

 1.Price on the website are retail prices.-Wholesale price is 20%Discount from Retail price
Example: Retail 500thb =Wholesale 400thb *Not including a shipping cost

2.You will get the wholesale price when
 -You have reached a minimum of 24 pcs.You can mix all the items and size
-Sale & discounted items .*You will get the price as an on sale price.
-Headband & Bibs does not include IN 24 PCS.You will get a wholesale price when your total order have reached 24 pcs.
 see here headband & Bibs stockist .
Example: Retail 90thb =Wholesale 50 thb

Questions : if my order didn't reach a wholesale minimum ?

Answer: You have to pay as a Retail price.

Questions : I have to reach a minimum 24 pcs.Everytime when i start a next round of order?

Answer:Yes you have to reach minimum 24 pcs. and You have to pay deposit 5000 thb Every Round when you start a new round of order and shipment

How to place the order?
1.After you have registered and paid a deposit of 5000 thb you can start to save and use our photos on the website.
This is how to read and see our price - size & Quantity available which is up to date

2.You have to send us a list immediately when you get an order .So we can hold and keep them for you.

3.When you are finished and close for this round of your order .We will arrange an invoice and Final payment with shipping cost options or delivery cost to your Cargo.

Check a Thai post shipping rate

*NOTE: Buyer has to respond and pay for FEE  in any transaction.

3.1 Transfer Wise *International
*Low Fee
*You can register www.wise.com


3.2 Paypal  *No need Paypal account you can pay with Debit or Credit Card
*Fee 4.7% 
3.3 Thai Bank transfer *Only Thai account to Thai account
*No Fee

 3.4Pay Directly to the CARGO COMPANY and we will collect the Payment from them. This has to be organized by the client.


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