The Sims 4: How to Craft and Trade Friendship Bracelets (251 views)

20 Mar 2023 14:10

Grow Together, the most recent Sims 4 DLC, is centered about family play. The customary challenge that players have been expecting for years has finally arrived with this new game feature. It just so happens that this, one of The Sims 4's final expansion packs, adds a feature that was previously lacking. The Sims 4 Standard Edition can be prepared by players enough in the game.

Now, players can develop more authentic relationships inside families. One of the products that aid in the improvement of Sims' interpersonal interactions is the friendship bracelet. This article will describe how Sims can make friendship bracelets and trade them with their immediate family.

How to Make a Friendship Bracelet

Friendship Bracelets are handcrafted items, which means Sims can only craft them using the Event Table. The object can be purchased in the "Build and Buy" mode under the "Kids Activities" section. It is one of various items that can be placed on the new Sims 4 treehouse.

To craft a Friendship Bracelet, simply interact with the Activity Sheet and select the Make Friendship Bracelet option. Then, a menu will open and players must decide which bracelet they want to make and gift to a close family member. This can be done by any Sim, as long as they are Children or Seniors. The friendship bracelet options are:

Repeating pink hearts pattern

Rainbow Chevron Pattern

White and various shades of gray chevron pattern

Grey, blue and white argyle pattern

pastel orange, blue and white diagonal stripes

Once the player has decided on the pattern they want to make, Sims will start crafting the bracelet. Sometimes, especially if a Sim has low creativity or manual skills, the Friendship Bracelet will not be crafted correctly and will only be destroyed; the Sim must then try again. However, if the Sim is successful, it will automatically be added to their inventory and they will be ready to exchange it.

How to Trade Friendship Bracelets

There are only two requirements for trading friendship bracelets: Both Sims must each have a friendship bracelet crafted by them in their inventory, and they must be at least good friends.

Friendship bracelets can only be exchanged with family members, as unfortunately players cannot form friendships with friends or family members outside of the household, even if they create a group.

To trade a Friendship Bracelet, the player must open their Sim's inventory, select the Friendship Bracelet, and select the Exchange Friendship Bracelet option. Once the swap is complete, the two Sims will have access to exclusive and special interactions. They can be interacted with using the Bracelet Buddy Fist Bump in the Sentiment tab of the Friendly Social menu. For more game guides, please visit




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