HEY PILGRIM'S STUDIO 15th Anniversary

14110 ผู้ชม  |  Hey Pilgrim's Studio

Hello. We are a boutique clothing brand for babies, children, women & men based in Bangkok, Thailand. Here are some details about us. My name is Pijitra. I am the brand owner , founder & designer of Hey Pilgrim , Little Pilgrim,Hey Pilgrim Swim & Boho Pilgrim I graduated from Silpakorn University of art and design in 2003 and worked for a famous boutique in Thailand for 4 years as a production designer. I resigned from my job in 2007 to start my own clothing brand. Hey Pilgrim (2007) and then added Little Pilgrim (2011) Hey Pilgrim Swim (2017) and Boho Pilgrim (2018) to the company portfolio. I employ my sister Patchaya (manager & business partner) and staff who are fully salaried Thai workers.We work as a family in our own studio where we create our own designs. We have everything under one roof. On the first floor we have ten sewing machines and a prewash/preshrink machine (we use water as I don’t believe in chemical use,] a drying machine and steam iron. The second floor is for cutting fabric and preparing patterns/designs and finishing products. On the third floor is the silkscreen printing and darkroom studio. All the designs are printed by hand. We print in the traditional way using a wooden frame and only the best quality water based ink is used (no oil or plastic ink.) All the clothes are made from 100% Cotton. All come pre-washed and pre-shrunk. THIS IS HOW WE DO IT! KEEPING IT REAL SINCE 2007 WITH EVERYTHING DONE BY HAND!We are a designer brand .We have been working , building ,creating our own style and designs since 2007 . It's been 14 years of hard work.We will not change the Brand or Label on any of our Products.Please respect us!


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