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  Final Fantasy 16: Cloak and Dagger and Twilight Walkthrough (53 views)

7 Jul 2023 15:23

Even after helping allies throughout the kingdom in the main quest prior to Final Fantasy 16, Clive and his allies are facing quite a bit of trouble. The free city of Canfor was attacked and several of Clive's allies were trapped in a warehouse. With the help of his brother Joshua, Clive sets out to find Mead, Byron and Gaff before it's too late. Players can prepare enough Final Fantasy XVI Gil in the game.

The main scenario mission "Cloak and Dagger" is quite short, so it is combined with the following main scenario mission "Twilight" into one walkthrough, which contains a lot of fighting. Here's what players can expect when they start the next set of main scenario missions for Final Fantasy 16.

Travel to Tabor

When this main scenario mission begins, head south to Echoes of Crozet. At this point, the red waypoint will jump to a destination further south in the area. While walking through the ruins, the player will be attacked by Fallen Constructs. Defeat them and continue on.

On the way, the player will encounter an NPC offering a side quest called "Bad Blood". This side quest does not unlock any unique rewards, so if players ignore it and focus on the story, they won't miss much. Once you reach Tabor, head right towards a small house and find Jot. The house is adjacent to an obelisk, which leads to a quick trip to the area. Opening the door will trigger several transitions.

Travel to Canfor

After the transitions are over, the player will be back outside again. There is a vendor available for players to purchase supplies and there are several side quests in the area. When ready to advance the story, head southeast to the Gilded Path. Leaving Tabor will trigger a short overworld animation. After the intro animation, continue to the free city of Canfor.

On the way, the player will have to deal with several groups of orcs. None of these enemies are particularly noteworthy or challenging, so it is not difficult for the player to defeat them. Outside of Canfor is another obelisk that will trigger an overworld animation once the player approaches it. After that, the world map will open and the player will be able to visit the free city of Canfor. After a few transitions, the next main scenario mission, "Twilight", will begin.

Travel to the trade area

Although most of Canfor has fallen, there are still several groups of survivors that need to be rescued. Follow the road to the right and fight several groups of enemies. Walk up the stairs and towards another group of enemies. Pick up the three bloody animal skins near the gate, then advance through the gate to the story.

Continue trekking through the streets of Canfor and destroy any enemies in your way. Upon entering the courtyard, Final Fantasy 16 players will be attacked by an orc warlord. This enemy has a strong attack, but he can be easily defeated by dodging his attacks and stunning him. After the battle, head to the gate and open it. There is an advanced potion on the left and a chest on the right, so be sure to grab them. When the player enters a large courtyard, they should be healed and ready to fight.

How to defeat Sleipnir

Several groups of weak enemies appear. Defeating them will trigger an overworld animation, followed by a Boss battle with Harbard. Harbard, known as Sleipnir in this battle, is a very fast boss who will teleport throughout the arena, especially if the player is in his melee range. Therefore, it is difficult to make multiple attacks on Sleipnir before he teleports away and launches an attack.

Dodge as much as you can, then make a few quick attacks before he teleports again. When life reaches 75%, Sleipnir will stop blocking and a cinematic dodge sequence will occur. Sleipnir will use an attack that fires a line of energy at the player. Dodge them, as they can do a lot of damage.

When life level falls below 50%, Sleipnir will cast Undead Beer. Leave the red circle that appears on the ground to avoid taking damage. The player will also need to try to dodge all the moving circles and lines that are shot in this attack. At the end of the attack, Sleipnir stops to catch his breath. This is the perfect opportunity for the player to attack him with as many attacks as possible.

When Sleipnir gets down to 25%, he will start launching more and more attacks, such as "Creeping Darkness", where he will unleash a series of dark projectiles that will merge and explode. Keep dodging and attacking Sleipnir, and he will eventually be defeated. After Sleipnir is killed, several transitions will play and the current main quest will end. See for more details on the game guide.

Keith Stawarz

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