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  What Is a "Thơm" Bet? Effective Tips for Analyzing "Thơm" Bets (35 views)

17 Jun 2023 13:46

Understanding the characteristics of different types of football betting analysis methods helps bettors quickly gain an edge. However, not everyone fully understands what a "thơm" bet is and how to accurately analyze it for significant profits. Let's find the answers to these questions through the information shared in the following article.

Certainly, terms in football such as "tài xỉu" (over/under), "châu u" (Asian handicap), etc., are familiar to professional gamblers. However, "thơm" bets are still a relatively new concept that not every newcomer grasps.

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What is a "thơm" bet?

In football betting, "thơm" bets refer to those with high winning odds that allow bettors to earn a substantial amount of money after a successful outcome. Typically, this type of bet rarely appears, occurring approximately once a week, making it incredibly challenging to seize such opportunities.

Due to the rarity of these bets, players need to carefully observe and quickly grasp the timing. If fortunate enough to win, you can receive significant rewards, increasing the chances of fast wealth accumulation.

How can newcomers recognize "thơm" bets in football betting?

Currently, bookmakers often insert "thơm" bets into the odds list to attract a large number of players to participate. However, you need to learn accurate methods for identifying "thơm" bets in football to avoid missing out on these turning points!

Using odds as a reference

Identifying "thơm" bets based on odds is a relatively simple and successful analysis method used by many players. If the bookmakers quickly increase the odds from 1/4 to 0, it is advisable to place bets on the underdog to increase your chances of winning.

In cases where the home team is highly rated with an 0.85 handicap and a 3/4 winning rate, it is recommended to bet on the home team. Additionally, you can also choose the underdog when there is a significant difference between the top and bottom teams, and the higher-ranked team has a 0.8% winning rate.

Recognizing "thơm" bets through prominent teams and major tournaments

According to experts, participating in betting in major tournaments allows you to easily gather information from the sidelines. Consequently, evaluating, analyzing, and identifying potentially winning bets become much simpler.

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Based on the Asian handicap or Asian odds

As we know, Asian handicap odds usually fluctuate around 30 minutes or an hour before the match. This gives you time to observe and analyze the situation on the field to place more accurate bets.

In the case where both Asian handicap and Asian odds decrease significantly, it leads to a relatively high chance of the home team winning. At this point, players need to be alert, cautious, and carefully consider placing their bets to avoid falling into traps set by bookmakers.

Additionally, bettors should spend time learning what a "thơm" bet is and analyzing the match situation. This helps make the betting process easier and more accurate, resulting in a potentially significant profit.

Apart from recognizing "thơm" bets today, what should bettors pay attention to?

Although "thơm" bets today may be attractive, not everyone can easily identify this type of bet accurately. In addition, players should combine the following useful tips to increase their chances of making accurate bets:

Timing of placing bets: It is advisable not to place bets too early because bookmakers often change the odds before the match starts, especially within 30 minutes. Therefore, stay calm, observe, and continuously update the latest odds to participate when you are sure.

Choose bets that match your financial capacity: Just because there are football bets available doesn't mean you should bet on all of them. Placing multiple bets simultaneously increases risks and additional expenses. Although bookmakers offer various attractive odds, players should consider carefully before placing their bets.

Regularly update football news: This helps players make more accurate bets. Therefore, you need to diligently research and refer to reputable websites as well as analyze the insights from experts in major tournaments.

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Hopefully, the insights shared in this article have helped players understand more about "thơm" bets. Don't forget to stay updated on how to recognize bets and learn from experienced bettors to improve your winning rate.

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