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1 Jun 2023 10:02

Over/under bets, Asian handicap bets, 1x2 bets... These are probably familiar terms for football bettors. However, besides the traditional bets, bookmakers are always trying to develop and diversify their range of betting options. In the current sports betting world, there is an interesting type of bet called the corner kick bet. So, what exactly is this type of bet and how do you play it? We will answer these questions in this article.

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What is a corner kick bet?

The international term for a corner kick bet is "Corners." It is a popular type of bet among sports bettors at present. When participating in a corner kick bet, players don't have to think too much about the score or goals of the match, the number of yellow or red cards shown. Instead, they only need to predict and pay attention to the number of corner kicks that will occur in a match, which team will take the first corner kick, which corner will be taken or the last corner kick belongs to which team.

General principles of corner kick bets by bookmakers

Although there are different variations and operational methods for corner kick bets, bookmakers generally follow the following principles:

If the number of corner kicks meets the condition of the first option given in that type of bet when the match ends, players who bet on that option will win their full stake.

If the number of corner kicks meets the condition of the remaining option, players who bet on that option will win their full stake.

If players bet on a different option than the winning one, they will lose their entire bet. In some special cases, there may be a half loss situation.

Why should bettors choose corner kick bets in football betting?

Once you have entered the world of sports betting, you will have numerous choices. However, for beginners or those without much experience, corner kick bets are an optimal choice. Many bettors love corner kick bets for a simple reason: they are easy to play and offer high rewards with relatively high odds.

Popular corner kick prediction methods nowadays

If one day you feel bored and lose interest in traditional betting options, you can try placing a corner kick bet. Corner kick bets come in various forms with different gameplay and scoring methods. To help players better understand this type of betting, we will discuss some popular corner kick bets in today's football betting world.

Over/Under Corner Bet

The over/under corner bet or handicap corner bet is undoubtedly a popular type of wager and one of the most played corner bets. In this bet, the players rely on the predetermined number set by the bookmaker and predict whether the total number of corners in the match will be less or more than that number. If the prediction is correct, the player receives a corresponding reward, and if it is wrong, the player loses the amount wagered.

Handicap Corner Bet

As a bettor, you are probably familiar with the Asian handicap bet. The handicap corner bet is similar to the regular handicap bet. When there is an imbalance in the game or a difference in the corner kick ratio between the two teams, the bookmaker sets a betting limit based on the predicted outcome of the two matches and the market conditions.

First and Last Corner Bet

In this bet, the player predicts which team will be awarded the first/last corner kick in the match. Although this bet seems easy to understand, it is not easy to play because the corner kick ratio is usually around 50/50, and determining which team will be awarded the first/last corner kick is not an easy task as it depends on multiple factors.

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Corner Bet 1×2 Left

This bet is similar to the 1×2 bet in European football. The player has three options: win, draw, or lose. When placing this bet, the result is based on the number of corner kicks taken by both teams in the match. If the player chooses a draw and the match ends with an unequal number of corner kicks, the player loses the bet.

Odd/Even Corner Bet

Similar to the over/under bet, the odd/even corner bet is based on the total number of corner kicks in the match. The rules of this bet are simple as well. The player predicts the total number of corner kicks in the match, and if the prediction is correct, the player receives a corresponding reward based on the wager amount. If the prediction is wrong, the player loses the amount wagered.

First Half Corner Bet

The first half corner bet is a variation of the corner bet, where the result is based on the number of corner kicks in the first half of the match. Players choose from various handicap bets, 1×2 bets, or over/under bets similar to the regular corner bet and analyze and predict the development of the first half to place their bets.

Expert Tips for High Winning Rate in Corner Bets

Most bettors make decisions based on intuition and often do not research the match thoroughly. Therefore, we would like to provide some tips on how to play corner bets with a higher winning rate to help you make more informed decisions:

Players need to thoroughly research the two teams before placing bets, including their playing style, the capabilities of their attacking and defending lines, and especially the starting lineup to assess which team will be under pressure and which team will be more proactive.

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For the first and last corner bets, it is advisable to wait a short period after the match starts before placing bets. By then, you will have a more comprehensive overview of the current situation on the field and can make the right decision. Usually, the first corner kick belongs to the stronger team that focuses on attacking the opponent's goal.

You should actively learn from experienced bettors and experts in the field of sports betting to accumulate knowledge for yourself and learn their mindset and effective betting strategies.

In conclusion, we hope that the information in this article helps players understand corner bets better. If you are truly interested in today's corner bets or live corner bets, you can visit Wintips for more information.




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